About Us

Importer. Exporter. Manufacturers Representative.

Representing numerous factories from around the world, Richard Jordan brings the FINEST QUALITY, and competitive pricing to the USA with 35 years experience!

From our private label: INTERNATIONAL ROPES, to an extensive line of, Windlass Anchor Lines / Rodes, Dock Lines, Decorative Ropes, Twines, CHAIN,CABLE & RIGGING as well as Trawl Nets, Fish netting & Safety Net Systems.

We carry Marine, Agricultural & Industrial supplies such as White ROYAL Boots and
ROPAK Fish Baskets & Totes.

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Our Mission

To provide you with the best quality products for the marine, agricultural and industrial trades, at a fair price, and in a quick manner.

Areas Served

  • Marine companies

  • Commercial fishermen/women

  • Recreational fishermen/women

  • Agricultural companies

  • Farmers

  • Gardeners

  • Homeowners

  • Factory workers

  • Wholesalers

  • Brokers

  • Seafood markets

  • Marinas

  • Commercial Businesses

  • Industrial companies